January 7, 2012


Blouse, Belt, Ring: H&M / Choker: Six / Jacket: Only

Curly hairs today! And I'm waering my new choker.. Today was really boring, but now I'm going to meet my friends! Yay :). Wish you a nice saturday evening!


Heute habe ich wieder Locken. Ich bin immer ein bisschen deprimiert, wenn ich nach längerer Zeit wieder lockige Haare habe anstatt glatte.. Naja, es gibt schlimmeres! Heute war ein langweiliger Tag, aber jetzt treffe ich meine Mädels :). Schönen Samstagabend euch!


  1. great look! i like the chocker and i LOVE the ring!!!!!
    you have such a great blog. i'd loved it if we followed each other!!!!

  2. Your hair looks lovely! I'm 1/2 German, 1/2 Zimbabwean and have such disobedient hair. Any advice?

  3. Living, Learning, Eating:
    Thank you! Do you speak german?
    Well, I take Gliss Kur shampoo, conditioner and kind of hair treatment after every hair wash.. It's a really good brand I think! And I only comb them wet! :)

  4. I do (I was raised bi-lingually) but I'd rather write in English most of the time, as that decreases the likelihood of me making a fool of myself. I've started only combing wet - necessary! - but I've never tried Gliss Kur. I will - thanks for the response!


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